Greeting from director

Smiles Greetings Relaxation

Medical Corporation Kouseikai operates Mizuno Nursing care clinic, Mizuno Clinic, a recuperation hospital with 176 beds in northwest Seto City and Sukoyakasou rehabilitation facility for the elderly.
 Because Mizuno Nursing care clinic, Mizuno Clinic provides a place for patients to live a lifestyle of recuperation along with Sukoyakasou rehabilitation facility for the elderly, it allows them to live a life close to their life at home while also possessing the qualities and facilities of a hospital, and we focus on “smiles, greetings, and relaxation” to ensure that all patients can lead lives with happiness and peace of mind. We also hope that our patients can live lives of recuperation while feeling the changing seasons in a relaxed natural environment surrounded the abundant greenery around our facilities.

We also provide outpatient treatment (internal medicine and dentistry) to help patients lead lives of recuperation at home as well as hospitalized, and Sukoyakasou features an admission service and short stays as well as a comprehensive support system of medical care and welfare.

Recently as there is much uncertainty in medical care and welfare, it is a matter of grave concern for the people. Out company will continue to provide comprehensive support based on our motto of “smiles, greetings, and relaxation” to alleviate as much of this uncertainty as possible and help people lead lives of recuperation with peace of mind.

Greeting from Nurse director

To provide the best support for each individual patient’s condition, at Mizuno Nursing care clinic, Mizuno Clinic we have a treatment system which focuses on general internal medicine to cover the variety of illnesses our elderly patients face.
Our staff work together to provide detailed support for a variety of illnesses, and in this way we hope to provide the care that our patients need.

Greeting from manager

In order to be a facilities that can provide the medical care that patients need along with trust, all of our staff work together in nursing and caregiving to provide warm support.
Mizuno Nursing care clinic, Mizuno Clinic strives to be a hospital where everyone in the region can receive treatment with peace of mind.

Greeting from head nurse

A recuperation medical facility is not a “facility” for the patients but rather their “home”. In other words, it is where they live.
That is why it is important to create an environment that is suitable for everyday living like their “home”.
There are many patients who have become able to eat meals and have brighter expressions since coming here.
There are many elderly patients who have trouble expressing themselves, so we take care to read what they really want to say through their words and expressions.

Greeting from staff

Hisae Takahashi
The nurse division provides “bright and high quality nursing”.
We look at things from our patients’ perspective to provide healing of ailments and recovery of health while focusing on safety to prevent accidents, implementing welcoming, thoughtful and sincere nursing, and maintaining relationships between various departments as specialists.

Naomi Matsubara
We provide nursing that will satisfy out patients based on our motto of “adding smiles to kindness and consideration”.
We also welcome family members to feel free to consult with us.

Tae Muto
All of our ward staff work together to provide nursing that enables our patients to lead lives in the hospital with peace of mind, keeping the “safety” of hospitalized patients first in mind.
We will continue to work to provide warm nursing without forgetting smiles and kindness.

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