Facility overview

Clinic name Mizuno Nursing care clinic Mizuno Clinic
Address 1-190-2, Odazumacho, Seto-shi, Aichi, 489-0067, Japan
TEL 0561-48-2231 
FAX 0561-48-4770
Number of beds 100
Clinical departments Internal medicine,Dentistry,Rehabilitation department
Parking 22

Major treatment functions

Long-term beds

Mizuno Nursing care clinic is a facility that features a total of 100 long-term medical care beds. We have many years of experience and success as a “recuperation hospital” for elderly patients who require medical care and nursing. We also have more than 180 very kind staff who work 365 days a year to help our patients and support their health in old age. To provide self-reliance support to all inpatients, our physicians, nurses, and caregivers work in a 24 hour shift system to provide “better care” which is appropriate and neither excessive nor deficient. We also provide extensive support for patient’s returning to their homes including caregiving consultations with family and arrangement of service support systems.

[Nursing care clinic]
These are beds for those who require continued medical care and recuperation after the acute phase of their treatment is complete. These are beds covered by medical care insurance for patients requiring central venous nutrition hyperalimentation, tracheotomies, oxygen inhalation, sputum suction, rehabilitation, etc.

Treatment technology, medical support

Under the guidance of our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists, we design rehabilitation programs to help patients manifest their maximum potential and recover their lost functions or lessen their handicaps.

Our pharmacists work together day and night as a part of the treatment team together with physicians, nurses, and other comedical staff to provide the best treatment to patients. To obtain the maximum effect from medicine and keep side effects to a minimum, they provide information on medicine to patients and medical staff.

Nutritionists provide nutrition support for hospitalized patients. They devise a nutrition management policy for each individual patient, evaluation their nutritional condition. They also conduct periodic reevaluations of nutrition policy to investigate whether the nutrition management is being thoroughly conducted. In order to provide nutritional support for patients, they quickly pick up information from the treatment policies of charge physicians and nurses.

In order to accurately diagnose and support treatment, lab technicians work to be able to provide highly accurate test results and test information promptly.

Medical X-ray technicians provide quick and accurate images with diagnostic values.

Medical examinations

Specific examinations, lung cancer examinations, stomach cancer examinations, colon cancer examinations, breast cancer examinations (palpations), hepatitis virus examinations, general examinations, check-ups


Influenza, mumps, chicken pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, pneumococcus infection, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, rubella, Japanese encephalitis

Medical equipment

High-speed multislice CT (16 slices), X-rays, EKG, ultrasounds, blood gas analysis


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